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2022 Photo I am happily married with kids and live in Centerville, Utah.

Online locations I typically use:

Short technology life history:

  • From an early age I realized that I loved to learn and teach.

    • I learned basic in 5th Grade, and helped teach same class in 6th Grade
    • I learned Turbo Pascal in 10th Grade, and mentored others in 11th Grade.
  • In 2002 I was invited to speak at Borland’s Conference on Delphi and Interbase.

    • I continued to speak at these conferences for several years.
  • From 2009-2019 I maintained a blog

    • In 2019 I left most of my Delphi work behind.
  • Since then I have found myself using a variety of tools and languages.

    • As of Nov 11th, 2002 the languages I typically use are:
      • C#
      • TypeScript
      • Go
      • Python
      • Terraform
    • I live in the command line and such I typically use both Powershell and Bash
      • Powershell
      • Bash
    • I work as an Cloud Architect focusing primarily on AWS.
    • I have used many different CI/CD solutions, but recently settled on GitHub Actions.
    • My GitHub Profile goes into more detail.

On December 23, 2021 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In July of 2022, I lost vision in my right eye. I have a great desire to share my technology passions while I still can. So I decided to start a new blog. I am very hopeful this can go for 10 years like the last one.

I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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